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Male Booster Herbal Drops-50ml (Fomulation for Male Energy)

Male Booster Herbal Drops-50ml (Fomulation for Male Energy)

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This Spagyric Herbal product relates to the invention of a unique herbal formulation prepared from combining many Spagyric essences from natural sources. The formulation is best for the Men as a tonic and helpful to attain the power of youth and freshness. The formulation helps in the men problem related to the Male Reproductive System and weakness due to Physical or Mental stress. It is good male tonic as well as aphrodisiac in action.

ADVANTAGES OF THE INVENTION The invented formulation holds the following advantages

* All natural

* Male tonic

* Improving Man power

* Anti- Stress

* Libido

How to Use:- Take 20 drops directly or in 30 ml of water three to four times as day or as directed by health Professional.

Offer:- we provide you 30% discount if order10 or more than 10 pieces with free shipping.

Additional Information:- To know more about this product and its uses you can call at 0091-9417712064 or write an email to for any medical advise.

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Customers common questions

Curcumin Ashwgandha FAQ

What should be the dose per day?

A capsule 3 times a day after half an hour of meal with a glass of water.

How many capsules are their in 1 box?

There are 45 capsules, A dose of 15 days.

How this product is different from others?

This product is unique innovative formulation in which ashwagandha is blended with curcumin and pipper to make the formulation to well absorbed and assimilate in body.