We are the company based in Jalandhar, Punjab and  our research work is dedicated to understand the needs of the living cell (Unicellular or Multicelllular) because it is proved many times by different sorts of study that the needs of each and every cell is not same but are unique. The needs of the liver cell is not relate to the needs of our brain tissue cells, Heart cells etc. Every cell designed and function differently by the God Nature to support the life of the beings. We are very much satisfied with the reasoning given by the Antoine Béchamp that “It’s not the germs but the condition of  Host cell is responsible for the sorts of illness” Germs can’t invade the healthy host or balanced cell ,they can attack and multiply when they start to get the invitation/signal from the diseased host which in actual get sick due to the non availability of the required molecules in the blood which was also recognized as the “Vitiation of Blood and Lymph” By a Great Italian Count Ceasre Mattei in 1865 and further he profound the remedies in his name “Mattei Specifics” in the form of a healing system called “Electrohomoeopathy” which was also innovated on the ground of the law of Nature i.e “Law of Similia” like “Homoeopathy”. 

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  20. Kings Herbal Research Laboratories, Estonia
  1. Produced the ingredients for the “Metaderm Cream” which is developed as the successful skin drug for eczema and psoriasis by the Haus bioceutical , Oklahoma ,USA (www.hausbio.com).
  2. Produced the “Spagyric Essence” of 115 herbs used for making the Remedies of “Elecrohomoeopathy” and other Spagyric Based Formulations.
  3. Patented the Innovation to improve the effect of the Process of making “Spagyrics” for its therapeutics values.
  4. Sponsored the R and D Project at CDRI ,Lucknow to the Electrohomoeopathy Drug Canceroso-1.
  1. Metabiotic – PAU -Ludhiana
  2. Skin Care Drops – Haus Bioceutical USA