Liv Care Herbal Drops-50ml (Detoxify Your Liver)
Liv Care Herbal Drops-50ml (Detoxify Your Liver)

Liv Care Herbal Drops-50ml (Detoxify Your Liver)

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Liv Care Drops

This Spagyric Herbal product relates to the invention of a unique herbal formulation prepared from combining many Spagyric essences from natural sources. The formulation is best for the Liver patients suffering from anorexia, Inflammation of liver. The claimed invention support the liver tissues to work in harmony and it provides the required nutrients to the liver tissues for their smooth functioning. The formulation is helpful in controlling the conditions like blood sugar metabolism, urea formation, uric acid formation and imbalance of protein level in advanced liver disease. The Liver is a major organ for detoxification in our body so this formulation helps the Liver to perform its ability and major responsibility of Detoxification.


The invented formulation holds the following advantages

* All natural

*  Liver tonic

* Help to maintain the Liver function and cytokine level.

* Helpful in Blood Glucose Metabolism

* Help Liver in Detoxification Process.


How to Use:- Take 20 drops directly or in 30 ml of water three to four times as day or as directed by health Professional.

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