Biotic Drops 50ml
Biotic Drops 50ml

Biotic Drops 50ml

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This Spagyric Herbal product relates to the invention of a unique herbal formulation prepared from combining many Spagyric essences from natural sources. The formulation is for the patients suffering from poor digestion, due to poor absorption and assimilation of the food Nutrients . In addition it works wonderfully for the inflammatory conditions of Gut. This formulation keeps the friendly bacteria of gut in healthy states to avoid any pathogenicity of the Gut . it works as a good immunity booster and daily intake keep the person energetic and healthy .

ADVANTAGES OF THE INVENTION The invented formulation holds the following advantages

* All natural

* Gut tonic

* Pain and Inflammation relieving

* Immunity Booster

* Good for constipation and flatulence.

How To Use:

  • Take 20 drops directly or in 30 ml of water or as directed by the Health Professional.

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